"What's up with School Choice?"

Hey Brooklyn District 13, 14, 15 PTAs!
I am offering a free talk to Elementary Schools this spring called "What's up with Middle School Choice?" I just finished the first one at PS 154 to a very positive response - "funny graphics", "can you do it again?... every year?... twice a year?" In just 20 short minutes a painless intro to the process your guidance counselor will go into detail about next fall.

Hi Middle Schools, do you want one too? I am happy to come to your PTA meeting and describe the High School Choice Process. It is a little longer, about 30 minutes, but it is in color! No power point - I go old school with real hand made visual aids. (I painted Broadway scenery for two decades, who needs new tricks?)

These talks are designed to calm and enlighten. Knowledge is power and understanding is the best way to chill. Then you can spend your summer at the beach reading the DOE HS Directory and not freaking out, because you "get it". write joyce@nycschoolhelp.com to book a date.