prek round 2! ding!

I love the Prek Round 2 Directory. The numbers fascinate me! What happens is that they don't "over offer" in the Prek process. If there are 18 seats they only pick 18. If a family declines the seat for whatever reason that seat goes to Round 2. So even schools like 321 which had 475 people placing it somewhere on their application for only 12 spots has a seat up for grabs in Round 2.

There are still many, many seats out there - often more than a handful in each of a lot of terrific schools in all the Brooklyn Districts that I cover.

The Directory is up today and you can submit your application online  through the deadline, 7/30/10 (if you submit online, you are notified by email as well as by snail mail). The second round offers will be out in late August.

The same lottery priorities apply; sibs get first priority and then in zone families, out of zone/in district, etc.
Good luck, one and all.