public kindergarten application and 321

As you parents of prospective kindergarteners might know the city's timeline for Kindergarten registration begins next week.

From Jan. 10 to March 4 is the application period when neighborhood schools are getting a relatively informal head count of zoned families as well as getting an idea of how many out of zoned families might be interested in their program. After that, in March, letters will be sent out telling zoned families when to come in to "pre register"(unzoned families may be contacted but it is more likely that they will remain on a waitlist until later in the spring).

Occasionally, individual schools will have their own procedure. Now is a good time to begin touring schools and contacting their parent coordinators or main desk secretary to determine whether they are following the city's procedure or their own simplified version.

I have just talked to PS 321 and their procedure is a bit different. They are not taking applications starting on Jan. 10 so don't line up. This is not a first come first served process so don't panic. Within the next week or so, they will set dates, which will be listed on their website, to pick up a registration packet (to be filled out at home) and get an appointment to register (no application head count process). You can call or write Marge Raphaelson, their wonderful parent coordinator, ext. 1230 or the main office 718-499-2414 ext. 0 for information next week. They are trying to eliminate lines and stress for you and your prospective kindergartener.