Trilok Fusion Center for Arts & Education

Trilok is the Sanskrit word that means "three worlds"; the world of the family, the educators and the place where they all come together to create a safe, nurturing, dynamic and creative environment for children to grow.

Trilok Fusion Center for Arts & Education is a very unique combination of Arts and Community Center and a progressive preschool that is growing to 8th grade. They have found a wonderful new home at 143 Waverly Ave. in Ft. Greene/Clinton Hill. The building is vast (22,000 sq.ft) and renovated in bright pop art colors and it will house the current growing preschool and studios for local artists and events. They plan to integrate the community and artists with the school to provide a rich environment for all the participants.

The school features an international outlook, language, Gandhian principals, a story telling/hands on curriculum, rich art and dance programs including an extensive weaving classroom and yoga.

They are currently registering kids for their 10th summer camp program for kids from 2 to 15 years from July 5th through Aug. 26. Programs include Weaving & Sewing, Music & Dance, Cooking & Gardening, Art & Theatre. For more information: or call 718-797-1700.