She's talking about High School again

If you are sticking your head in the sand this summer, you better be at the beach, because you can come to my High School Choice: Calm and Clear talk and stop fumbling in the dark and go into the fall with a plan! Let your friends know about this talk; whether you have had the bejezzas scared out of you at your middle school this spring, or you are an independent school lifer who is thinking about dipping your toe into the swirling surf that is the NYC Public School System, you really need to come to this talk.

Even though it is scarey, time consuming and not always easy, I love the high school search.

  • I love the variety of schools available.
  • I love opening parents and students minds to look beyond the most popular programs.
  • I love working the quirks in the system to get a positive outcome.
  • I love streamlining the process as much as possible and letting families know what to expect so they can boldly forge ahead.

I have summer dates set: Monday, July 11 at 7pm and Monday August 15 at 7pm, both are at Hootenanny Art House in the south slope. If you can't make these talks but you have a group of at least 8 friends who would like to set up a HS Choice gathering at your apartment contact me and we will set something up.

The DOE has been doing summer programs for the past couple years that have been very helpful, particularly the one for Arts High Schools. They are usually in July and they should have been scheduled by now. If they are setting them up they will be listed on the DOE website.