valuable high school choice information

The DOE has announced that they are doing an abbreviated series of high school talks this summer. In the past some of these have been very enlightening. The specialized high school talk has principals from each school representing, which is interesting. Although Stanley Teitel, the principal at Stuy (a physics teacher) does his extraordinary English and Social Studies Depts a disservice by making Stuy sound like only a science and math school (which it definitely is NOT). The talk that I thought had the most real meat for families who really needed details was the Art Audition talk. They had a panel of arts specialists from several schools who talk about what to prepare, how to present, what to think about, what to talk about and what to bring. This year they have condensed it and combined it with the screened high school talk. Pity.

They prepared a wonderful handout which I hope that they will distribute, if not, you can download it here.

The screened school handout.

I blogged my very specific notes from the workshop last year and I have tips above and beyond the handout here.

I am giving a "High School Choice: Calm and Clear" talk on August 15, 7-9pm at Hootenanny Art House, but you must buy a ticket or let me know that you are coming so that I can make sure there are enough seats.

My talks are different than what the DOE does because:

  • the DOE has to give information for everybody - my talks are focused on college bound students living and attending school in Brooklyn and Manhattan. 
  • the DOE is talking about policy and the way things are supposed to be, I am talking about the way things are and how to manage it.
  • the DOE has to be balanced in their presentation of all schools, I can talk about the pros and cons of different environments and options.
  • I talk about how to do this in a practical way, "first, rip these pages out of the book... this is worth doing/this isn' attention to this/this means nothing"