waiting for round 2 prekindergarten numbers

We are waiting for the DOE to compile the numbers of registered seats from the Prekindergarten Round 1 and put together the Round 2 Directory with deadline dates and the new application.

What is happening: the DOE notifies families for the exact number of seats available. The notified families have been given a short period to register for a seat (by June 24). There is NO wait list. The DOE is now compiling a list of seats still left available and there will be a second, faster round to place families in those seats. You must put in a new application (new choices, different rankings) or if you didn't do the first round you can participate now. If you were offered a seat in the first round and you want to try for a different placement in the second round you are at a serious disadvantage. From last years 2nd Round Directory, "If you apply in Round 2 after having received an offer in Round 1, your application will only be considered after new applicants and applicants from Round 1 who did not receive an offer. All Round 2 prekindergarten applicants must submit a new Round 2 application to be considered for a Round 2 offer."

It is not uncommon for there to be a couple seats available even in highly sought after programs.

When information becomes available it will be here.

You should register to get DOE email alerts here.

If you want to look at last year's numbers in Round 2.