how to: the nyc high school fair

Sat. 9/24 and Sun. 9/25 from 10am to 3pm at Brooklyn Tech HS.
If you think that you will just go and browse the 11 floors and 400 schools and come up with a good list of schools to tour you are living in a dream world.

I recommend that you go with a list of your favorites and your "maybes". Start with your maybes. This day designed to help you figure out which ones you really want to tour and ones that may not be the best fit. Talk to the students from the schools - they may surprise you, in a great way.

Go to your favorites and ask the tough questions:
"my child has great scores but 12 latenesses, will you consider him?" "you are a screened school that takes grades of 90 and above but my child has an 88 in two classes, are we wasting our time listing your school?"
"my child is a tap dancer, and wants to try for your dance program; does he need to prepare a ballet audition even if it is not his strongest style?"

The schools are there, but so are all the Office of Enrollment personnel. Do you want the algorithm described in detail? Do you want to button hole the Director of Enrollment and ask a tough question? This is your opportunity!

You should have a list of your schools and your questions ready before you go. If your child is very interested in this process, they should attend with you, but keep in mind that it is an exhausting mad house and if it will only gross out or freak out your student, leave them at home. That way you will have an opportunity to ask the inconvenient questions that you don't want them to hear. Then take them on the tours. They will be much more interested. You should have a plan and get in and out before you pass out from exhaustion - a couple hours at most - and then go for brunch and a stiff drink in lovely Ft. Greene.