gifted & talented 2013

Update! The Request for testing is up. The deadline to register is 11/9.

It should be that time of year, but its not. Last year at this time families were busily filling out their online gifted and talented "Request for Testing" forms. This year the DoE is a bit late. This is the page you need to watch. Registration should be up shortly in "mid October". You will likely have a few weeks to sign up but don't miss the deadline when it is set! Make sure to get a testing date and a confirmation. The test dates are usually in Jan. and Feb.

You can sign up for email alerts from the DoE. Make sure that you check all appropriate boxes.

The G&T workbooks (practice tests) will be online when they put the dates up. If you are interested in reading more about the Naglieri Nonverbal Ability Test check out these links:
Info about the NNAT2 from Bee Tutored
Info about the OLSAT from Bee Tutored

Should you prep? Living well is the best prep. Puzzles, reading to your child and modeling love of reading, living life in an inquiring way, playing word games and letting your child try and stump you as much as you stump them. Testing four year olds is ridiculous. This is really a test of whether your four year old can concentrate for an hour and how willing they are to cooperate. A g&t placement may give you an option outside of your zoned school, but before you spend big money and time preparing, tour your zoned school for a base line. Don't assume what you get in the g&t classroom will be superior to what you have down the block.

The Wall Street Journal reports on the test.