kindergarten news 2013

The DoE has just put up a bare bones calendar:
The application period for K begins on Jan.22, 2013 and ends March 1, 2013. Placement offers will be distributed in early April and "pre-registration" (when you go to the school with your child, proofs of residency, immunization records and birth records) is April 8- April 26, 2013.

Prek info is even barer bones - Early March Application period begins (directories and applications available) Early April is the deadline to submit applications. The offers are made in early June. Pre-register in Mid-June.

Charter schools usually do their lotteries around April 1. Charters don't usually have prek classrooms

Gifted & Talented score reports and applications for eligible students will be available in April. G&T applications (for students with high enough scores) will be due April 19, 2013. Placement offers will be made the week of May 20 and the deadline to accept/decline placement offers will be on the week of June 3, 2013.

Don't worry that these dates don't line up. Don't worry that you need to rank schools or submit a central application for kindergarten. For kindergarten, until we hear differently, you apply to each school individually. They don't know or care who you like best or how many schools you have contacted. The applications are simple and you need to go in person in most cases because they need to see hard copies of your residency documents. You may get offers to several programs throughout the spring and summer. The last school that you register at is the one your child will attend, but remember, you can't be registered at two schools at a time. Each time your register, you supersede the previous registration.

There seem to be changes a foot in the Chancellors regulations this month. If approved, parents will be required to send their kids to kindergarten, except if they don't (?!) A child must attend kindergarten unless their parents choose to home school them or they attend private school. Apparently, some schools have turned away students with the explanation that kindergarten is not mandatory. I have never heard of this in the neighborhoods of Brooklyn that I cover.

For the first time, students (without a sib in the school) who are not zoned for a school, who are attending prek there, will have priority to attend kindergarten in that school (after all the in-zone and out-of-zone sibs have been accepted, but before other out of zone or out of district students).

The sibling priority for gifted and talented students has been curtailed. For citywide programs, students will be placed according to their composite scores and if students have the same score, sibs will be given priority.
District placements have opened a bit.
You can apply to programs outside your district, but district students will be given priority (really don't know how this is going to play out on the application - it is new). Within the district, the students with the highest composite scores will be placed first and if two students have the same score, a sib will be given priority. Non-sibs with the same score, I assume will chosen randomly (that is what they usually do).
Two sibs applying at the same time will be placed as individual applicants.
If your children are offered placements in different G&T programs
you may request a Placement Exception Request, PER (no guarantees).

A Waiver provision has been added - "This Regulation or any portion thereof may be waived by the Chancellor or his designee if it is determined to be in the best interests of the school system."
Inquiries pertaining to enrollment, admission and transfer requirements should be addressed to The Office of Enrollment 718-935-2009