high school choice 2012: round 2 and Brooklyn Prospect Charter

The DOE is distributing placement letters to middle schools today. Your child should receive it in school today or tomorrow. If your child gets a choice between a Specialized HS or LaGuardia and another option, you will be given instructions on how and by when to make that choice. In past years you would check the choice on your letter, sign it and return it to your guidance counselor, usually within a week. Make a copy of your letter with the choice on it before you return it to school and keep this copy in a safe place - just in case.

The Round 2 Fair is this weekend, Sat. March 3 and Sun. March 4 10am -2pm at Martin Luther King Jr. Educational Campus: 122 Amsterdam Ave. (btwn W. 65th adn W. 66th St.)

Details about Round 2 are on the DOE's website. But the highlights are:

  • anyone can reapply for the schools that are on the list of available programs in Round 2.
  • if you do not receive a match in Round 2, you will keep your Round 1 match.
  • if you receive a match to program in Round 2, you will FORFEIT your Round 1 offer; you will NOT get to choose between the Round 1 and Round 2 offers. Additionally, an appeal to your Round 1 offer will NOT be considered.

To apply: get a choice form from your guidance counselor, enter your choices in priority order and choose up to 12 programs from the Round 2 and New Schools Program List. Return the completed form to your guidance counselor by Thursday, March 15, 2012.

So anything good on the list? Some interesting choices for Brooklyn families and particularly if you are a special needs student (with disabilities receiving Special Class or Integrated Co-Teaching services - this doesn't include students receiving SETTS and/or related services), some rare finds.

For general ed: among others, check out:
James Madison/Screened Information Technology
Midwood/Screened Liberal Arts and Science Institute
Millennium Brooklyn/Screened
Clara Barton/Screened Gateway Honors Health Professions
Fort Hamilton/Screened Honors Academy
Park Slope Collegiate/Screened
Benjamin Banneker/Screened Pre-Engineering
Nest+M/Screened - you will need to take their test 3/8 or 3/12, check their website: http://www.nestmk12.net/admissions/upper-school
School of the Future/Screened
High School for Language and Diplomacy/Limited Unscreened
High School of Fashion Industries/Design, Related Arts and Business Fields
Talent Unlimited/Musical Theatre and Drama and Instrumental Music
Frank Sinatra/Film, Media Arts and Fine Arts and Drama
There are many others.

Don't forget Brooklyn Prospect Charter School! They are growing to 9th grade in fall of 2012 with a strong International Baccalaureate program. Charter schools are not part of this DOE system and while there are not many to chose from. Brooklyn Prospect will have some seats to fill. They choose their students by lottery which will be held on April 1 and even though students from District 15 get priority in the lottery, there is no downside to registering if you are from outside of District and you just may find yourself with a seat! Parents are happy and the kids are performing well. They are working on a new facility to house the school in the coming years as well.

If you are the parent of a 7th grader and you want to get a jump on this process for next year, I am giving my "HS Choice: Calm and Clear" talks in March, July and Sept.