2012 gifted and talented attrition offers

The DoE has a new wrinkle in the process this year to place seats left by attrition in district and citywide gifted and talented programs.

Families have been receiving their offers today and the letters have this interesting bit of info:

"If you decline this offer, your child will automatically be considered for placement into the small number of seats that become available as other students decline their offers. Attrition based offers will be determined using the same criteria as the initial placements: sibling priority, score, ranked program choices and available seats. Applicants will only be eligible for an attrition based offer to a program ranked higher than the program already offered. There is no further action needed to indicate your interest in an attrition based offer; the Office of Student Enrollment will contact you if you decline this offer and a seat becomes available for your child.

So if you decline this offer, there is the slight chance you might get a crack at a school that you have ranked higher on your application. Who will take that bet? - Families who know that they absolutely don't want the first placement at all and families with a good safety. Will anyone leave their seats if placed in the popular citywide programs? Would you? Not likely. Your decision will be to stay with your sure thing placement or give it up for an unknown and possibly very unlikely seat. Remember no backsies, because your seat will have been given away.

I am waiting for reports from other districts, but in D15 at the newly popular PS 32, word is that they have been given a healthy "over-offer" so don't dawdle in deciding if you want the seat.