wait listed for kindergarten

It is that time of year again. The DoE's official list of numbers of waitlisted zoned students is online.
Check out the very wise "Ask Judy".

Here are a couple things that you need to know. This is a giant game of musical chairs and it is still early days. It is definitely not time to panic. There will likely be some movement this week as zoned schools tally the number of zoned students who actually came in to pre-register. Some of those families got places at charter, un-zoned, dual language and private programs and will take those places, leaving seats at their zoned schools open. As people vacate seats, others will take those spots which will leave more vacancies. Everyone has a different 'favorite' school, so lots of seats in many different schools will be in play. The seats at those schools will slowly and steadily trickle out.

If you are among the lucky who has received an offer at more than one school, and you have taken an offer other than your zoned school - please make sure that your zoned school knows that your seat is available, so that they can offer that seat to someone else as soon as possible. Your friends and neighbors are anxiously waiting.

There will be another group of vacancies after G&T registration in early June. After that there will be a time released trickle as seats in charter, unzoned, dual lang. etc. shake out. This is not over.

The same goes for families waiting for outside of zone seats. The DoE has to make sure that a family who doesn't have a zoned seat is placed. The schools will be given permission to release seats over the spring and summer, first to unzoned sibs, then to families within district and then outside of district. Stay calm and let your wait list schools know that you are still "active" on the wait list.