the NEW!! prek directory 2014-15

Are you as excited as I am?! I am not being sarcastic - this stuff makes me Geek Out! I do love the DoE's publications and they keep giving us more and more useful information each year. Big doings this year!! They have cleaned up the priority catagories and they have given us the lowest priority catagory that was accepted into each school as a listing in the directory. This goes a long way to help moderate expectations. If you have to wait to hear about a placement until after Memorial Day, at least you aren't flying totally blind.

Here is the priority breakdown:
#1 zoned students with a sibling in the school
#2 other zoned students
#3 in district students with a sib in the school, whose zoned school has no prek
#4 in district/sib in the school, zoned to a different school that has a prek
#5 in borough students with a sib in the school
#6 out of borough students with a sib in the school
#7 in district students whose zoned has no prek
#8 in district students applying to a school other than their zoned school
#9 in borough students
#10 out of borough students
Did not fill (seat available after main round)

You should still list schools in the order that you like them. The computer still works down your list of preferences (considering what priority you fall under for each school) and there is still the significant lottery aspect to the process. How lucky do you feel? This helps you scan down the list of schools and if you are a first or only child (with no sibs in school) and you are looking for choices outside of your zoned school (and your zoned school doesn't have a prek), you need to find a school that is taking priority #7 or higher. What does this tell us?

  • In all of District 15 out of 22 schools, there are only 4 full day programs that are taking #7 or higher (not including the 18 seats at PS 133 or the Children's School that manages their own admissions).
  • In all of District 14 out of 20 schools, 11 of them didn't fill
  • In all of District 13 out of 17 schools, 13 schools had seats for #7 or higher (and many of those didn't fill)

Looks like District 15 needs another early childhood center.

There are some notable schools that no longer have prek seats; PS 8 was removed from the directory. The announcement that PS 154 no longer has a program is so new that it is still in the directory.

The Directory is online now and shortly, as a hard copy in your local school (if that school has a prek).
Applications open online March 3 (it is not first come, first served so be prudent and take your time).
Application deadline is April 23
You will hear in early June
Registration is June 9-20

There are info sessions about this coming up in March all over the city, but if you want to go in Brooklyn:
Tues. March 11 at Sunset Park HS 5:30-7pm
153 35th St. Sunset Park 11232

I am always available for short phone consults around this or any school topic, 15-30 min. ($50-$100).