brooklyn prospect charter finds a permanent home in the Immaculate Heart of Mary building

Immaculate Heart of Mary School is merging with Holy Name School (and joining them in the building on Propect Park West in Windsor Terrace) and becoming St. Joseph the Worker. There has been a lot of speculation about what will happen to the IHM building futher south on Ft. Hamilton. The wait is over! Brooklyn Prospect Charter finally has a permanent home for their 6 to 12th grade school just in time for their first 9th grade class in the fall of 2012.

The approximately 60,000 square foot campus at 3002 Fort Hamilton Parkway will accommodate steadily rising demand, give students more space and enhanced facilities, including state-of-the art-classrooms, a full-size gymnasium, outdoor space, wireless internet, and a library.  BPCS has signed a twenty-year lease, with an additional ten-year option for the space.

khalil gibran middle school

Khalil Gibran Middle School, a dual language Arabic middle school that opened under a cloud of protests and unfortunately lost their founding principal in a media furor is being phased out. It is going to serve students in grades 9-12. It will be moving from its current location in PS 287 near the Navy Yard to K806 on Schermerhorn St. where it will be sharing a building with Metropolitan Corporate Academy (being phased out in June 2014) and Brooklyn School for Career Development.

Bed-Stuy Patch has the story.

Beacon's new home...eventually

This has been in the wind for years. Beacon is a very popular HS on the upper west side that takes kids from all over the city. They have been cramped into a building on W. 61 St. for years. School officials plan to move Beacon to new construction on the north side of W. 43rd St. that is currently used by the NY Public Library for document storage. It will be a 3 year long construction project. The new home for the school will expand capacity to 1400 students.

Trilok Fusion Center for Arts & Education

Trilok is the Sanskrit word that means "three worlds"; the world of the family, the educators and the place where they all come together to create a safe, nurturing, dynamic and creative environment for children to grow.

Trilok Fusion Center for Arts & Education is a very unique combination of Arts and Community Center and a progressive preschool that is growing to 8th grade. They have found a wonderful new home at 143 Waverly Ave. in Ft. Greene/Clinton Hill. The building is vast (22,000 sq.ft) and renovated in bright pop art colors and it will house the current growing preschool and studios for local artists and events. They plan to integrate the community and artists with the school to provide a rich environment for all the participants.

The school features an international outlook, language, Gandhian principals, a story telling/hands on curriculum, rich art and dance programs including an extensive weaving classroom and yoga.

They are currently registering kids for their 10th summer camp program for kids from 2 to 15 years from July 5th through Aug. 26. Programs include Weaving & Sewing, Music & Dance, Cooking & Gardening, Art & Theatre. For more information: or call 718-797-1700.

update on PS 133

I have been anxiously following the progress of PS 133. A new building is going up to accommodate the 300 seat K-5 school as well as 600 additional seats on 4th Ave. and Butler St. It is very unusual for the School Construction Authority to be late with a project, but the bad winter weather as well as drastic capital funding cuts have conspired to delay the opening until fall of 2013. This is a grave disappointment for the neighborhood which desperately needs more seats in both District 13 and 15 (the School Districts which provided the capital funds to build the school).

PS 133 is currently being housed in the St. Thomas Aquinas School building on 4th Ave. and 8th St. The good news is that the Archdiocese which had not been willing to discuss extending the lease on the St. Thomas Aquinas School building has agreed to extend the lease for an additional year. They have also said that they will negotiate for an ongoing lease to the building. Parents - now is the time to lobby for this building to become the Prek/Kindergarten Early Childhood Center that the district so desperately needs!

How do you do that? There is going to be a meeting with the DOE on Thurs. April 7, 6pm in the auditorium of John Jay HS to discuss local kindergarten overcrowding issues.

You should also contact the District 15 and District 13 CEC (Community Education Council). These are the community organizations that control zoning and are the parents' official voice to the DOE.
District 13
Kerry Ann Greene 718-636-3212
District 15 Romaine Smith 718-935-4267

brooklyn prospect charter's new home

It is finally revealed! Brooklyn Prospect Charter announced this week that they will be moving to new construction at 270 Douglass St. between Nevins and 3rd Ave. It looks like it will be across from the park in part of the space that the white roofed buildings occupy.

The design process has already begun for this fully dedicated, purpose built, permanent school facility and because they are building from the ground up the building will not be ready for the 2011 school year. They plan to move in for fall 2012 (that will be their first year with a 9th grade). They are working with the DOE to find interim space for the 6th, 7th and 8th graders next year. No word on where their one year temporary digs will be.

Click here for admission information

If you are interested in an information session on March 1, you can follow the link on their website or sign up here. They don't hold tours until after their April 5, 2011 lottery. Tours are available at that time to the parents of admitted students.

the blue school

I love to report on new opportunities! The Blue School is not technically in Brooklyn, but with a brand new, permanent location (for 2011) at 241 Water St. they might as well be (access to many subway lines!). They are moving into a beautiful large new space that will accommodate them with classes for two year olds through 3rd grade next year. "The six-story building will comfortably allow the Blue School to grow through 5th grade over the next three years with multiple class sections and generous common spaces."

Applications and deadlines for the 2011-2012 academic year will be extended to December 15, 2010 to accommodate new families. For more details or contact Jeni Ardizzone-West, Executive Director at

the harbor school

I got out of bed at the crack of dawn to head to the Governor's Island Ferry yesterday. I have been anxious to see the new Harbor School building. I wondered what kids who are always a little late in the morning would do with a "be there or wait an hour for a ferry" schedule. I finished the tour at 11 totally in love with the kids, staff and curriculum. As the parent of seniors, who sees college essay themes everywhere I look, I couldn't help but think of the great story these kids will tell. I dare you not to tear up when you watch this video about the school.
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PS 133 gets a French dual language program

I just got word through a parent that PS 133 (which is getting a new school building in 2012 on 4th Ave. and Butler) is getting a dual langage French/English program in one kindergarten class starting in 2011. There is going to be an open house at the school on Nov. 19 at 9am at their 211 8th St. (at 4th Ave.) location.

They will very likely have a language assessment, similar to the one at PS 58, to determine if a child can be considered a native speaker.

They are looking for a certified bilingual teacher - if you know of one, contact the Principal, Heather Foster-Mann 718-857-4810.

Greene Hill School

I got a little note from the Greene Hill School this morning and I thought that I would pass it on.

"Greene Hill School is thrilled to announce that we have found a truly spectacular permanent home for the school at 39 Adelphi St. The school building -- which has been in continual use as a school for more than 100 years -- has large classrooms with floor to ceiling windows, a library, an auditorium with a stage, and an outdoor play space. We are so pleased to be able to stay in the neighborhoods that inspired Greene Hill and invite you to contact us to learn more about out program for the fall.

More about Greene Hill:
Greene Hill School is a newly established progressive elementary and middle school located in Fort Greene/Clinton Hill Brooklyn. Conceived by neighborhood parents and educators, Greene Hill is an engaging, supportive and socially responsible community of active learners. In September 2010 GHS will offer small classes for children ages 4-8. Greene Hill School is currently accepting applications for children 4-8. If you are interested in visiting the school, please email us at or call 718.230.3608 to set up an appointment."

I can't wait to see the new space. I would also like to add that they have a progressive focus, very knowledgeable directors, rich classroom environments and now that they have a space of their own, I think that they will really take off. Did I mention that they are among the Independent school bargains?



internation school of brooklyn's new address

International School of Brooklyn is moving to Carroll Gardens in the fall of 2010. They have much larger digs at 477 Court St. in Carroll Gardens (that is the corner of Nelson St.). The whole school will be moving to the new location and they anticipate enrollment to be 180 students in nursery through 4 th grade. They will have enough space at this location to continue to grow each year through middle school which is wonderful news for parents interested in a strong language program. They will launch their middle school in 2012. International School of Brooklyn is an independent school following the International Baccalaureate curriculum that has language immersion beginning at age three in Spanish or French.

With the popular dual language French program at PS 58 on Carroll St. and Hands on World just down Court St. Carroll Gardens is beginning to have a distinctly French flavor.

PS 133 at St. Thomas Aquinas School

The Brooklyn Paper reported back in June that PS 133 would be housed in the St. Thomas Aquinas School building while construction was done further north on 4th Ave. The school building has been underutilized for a few years now and I have watched in anticipation as the porta-potties and cranes moved in. I stopped by this morning and filled in a couple of details.
The DOE has the lease for at least 3 years. The building is very well built (as you can imagine considering its vintage) and the construction authority has been making an investment in it. A lot of good work has apparently been done to upgrade it. The work will be finished by Sept. for the first day of school. The building should also have a wireless network. I also inquired about any news on the new construction at the 133 building. I will be sorry to see the graceful old building and beautiful garden go. One new thing that I hadn't heard was that the architects where hoping to include as much of the old detail as possible in the new project. This certainly doesn't address the neighborhood's other many issues with the project.

What happens to the St. Thomas Aquinas school building in three or four years after 133 moves on? There has been talk of an art center there, which would be wonderful. I would love to see a public early childhood center that could relieve the PreK and K overcrowding that is happening all along the 4th Ave. corridor.

The Coop School

Brownstoner brought us great news that the Coop School has a new home. It will be located at 87 Irving Place between Putnam Ave. and Fulton St. in Clinton Hill. I just got done talking with them and I have a few more details.

They are expanding to 5 classrooms, starting age 2 and exiting age 5 in September. They will be able to let in 50-60 families as opposed to 10-15 in their existing space. They also have a space available to rent. The ideal tenant would offer other programs that would benefit the community at large such as an after school, child/family therapy, or regular events.

Park Slope School House and PreK

Thanks to the Park Slope Parents Listserve and Gowanus Lounge for bringing us news of the Park Slope School House (formerly the Berkeley Carroll Child Care Center). There are ongoing tours. Call Natasha Corlette at (718) 768-4873 to schedule a tour. They will stay in their location on 6th St. until they are able to move to their new location, anticipated to be in the South Slope on 5th Ave.
The Director will be Ashley Davis who is the current Director of the Berkeley Carroll Child Care Center. They are hoping to keep all of the teachers and staff of BCCCC in their respective roles at the new school.

For those of you that are looking for a Public PreK program. You should sign the petition for an Early Childhood Center in District 15. There is some talk about the 14th St. Armory as a possible location. I have heard Brad Lander's name associated with interest in this project several times. I would contact him as well as all of the candidates coming up for City Council election if you are feeling strongly about this issue. Contact Jim Brennan's office as well.