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All dates, deadlines, times and places need to be confirmed with the sponsoring organization or school. This newsletter is a listing of interesting sounding programs that come across my desk, it is not necessarily an endorsement of the programs. All listings are unpaid.

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the new!! prek directory 2012-15
2014 high school letter day

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I have a couple talks coming up:
next week: High School Choice: Calm and Clear

May 14 Intro to Public School at Open House Nursery School 7pm

May 22 Intro to Nursery School at the Brooklyn Conservatory of Music 7pm

Private Preschool (and Elementary) Seats and Open Houses

DON'T PANIC! (nothing calms you down like 'all caps') The preschool wait lists move. It you are wait listed, check out these choices and/or stay in touch with the school that you love. Hang tight.

Basis Independent School this interesting STEM program in Red Hook is taking applications for grades K-10. Their building will be modular construction - when the snow clears you just may see something new down by Ikea.

Brooklyn Treehouse Preschool in the south Slope is now accepting applications for 2s, 3s and 4 year olds.

Little Thinkers Montessori in Ft. Greene is offering a mixed-age preschool summer program for children ages 2-5. They will be hosting an open house Saturday April 13th from 2-5 pm. RSVP for pricing, exact address and to request an application at

Mozarts & Einsteins Summer Musical Theatre Camp, Parent info session March 5th at 7:00 PM at 910 Union Street. RSVP required. Child Care Available. Call (718) 928-5618 or email

NY Kids Club of Park Slope is holding summer camp and tours for their preschool programs. Go online for information or contact them at 718-857-0700.

Science, Language & Arts International School in Ft. Greene currently has one Kindergarten opening and will have spots in 1st, 3rd, and 4th grades, with rolling admissions. Apply online at or send an e-mail to

St. Francis Xavier has seats for all grades, threes and up - small class sizes in grades K - 6 (average size 13 students)
for more info (718) 857-2559

St. Stanislaus Koskta Catholic Academy School in Greenpoint
Tours Prek-2nd grade 3/13 @ 9am, 3rd - 8th grade 3/20 @ 9am. If you are unable to attend those dates,
please schedule personalized tour at your convenience with our Principal,
please call the office to schedule 718-383-1970 or email principal Christina Cieloszczyk

Trilok School in Ft. Greene
is currently giving tours Tues. & Thurs. @ 10. They are expanding to 3-4th grade next fall.
There are seats available for 4-10 yr olds. They are accepting applications for summer camp for 2-10 yr olds. Info at that website.

If you are a preschool or elementary school director, and want me to list open seats in your program for fall 2013. Please send a note to

Public Prek

Info Sessions Brooklyn date: 3/11 @ Sunset Park HS at 5:30pm
Application Period begins today! 3/3
Deadline to submit application 4/1
Decision Letters sent early June (on Memorial Day weekend, they can't hear you scream)
Pre-registration June 9-20

The 2014-15 Directories are available now online
or in schools that have prek classrooms shortly

PS 154 Announces No Pre-K for next year the directory says differently (it was printed earlier)

Join the fight for Universal Prek

Public Elementary Schools

Placement Offers for families who have applied to public k through Kindergarten Connect will distributed in early April
Pre-Registration will be mid to late April
Families who have not yet registered can go to an Enrollment Office or call 718-935-2009 to apply (they will get placements in May)

Not included in Kindergarten Connect:

Charter Schools do their lotteries in early April, if you are interested, register before the end of March at each school's website
G&T placement process will be later in the spring, after test scores come in.

If you want email updates from the DoE about Kindergarten admissions, PreK admissions, G&T, Charter Schools, late breaking news, subscribe to the DoE's email alerts here.

Watch this video from Inside Schools about what to look for on a kindergarten tour.

You can find 2014-15 Elementary School Directories here. Be skeptical of the status bar at the top of each school's page ("last year this school only admitted zoned students"). If you want to know the whether the school you are interested in takes out of zone students in your grade, talk to their parent coordinator. Principals: if you would like me to tell parents that you are happy to have them from outside of zone - Let me know.

Gifted and Talented for Kindergarten (to 3rd Grade) Admissions

Access the current handbooks (and practice tests) here.

The G&T calendar is online here.
Jan-Feb 2014 testing takes place
Early April score reports and applications sent to eligible students
April 18 application deadline
Week of May 26 decision letters (where you were placed) mailed to families
Week of June 9 deadline for families to pre-register for placement

Public Elementary Tours

You must confirm these dates before you go: I am typing very fast, dates change and sometimes the schools want an RSVP. If you don't see your school here and you want to list your dates- please email me, I would love to include them!

Check the school's calendars if they don't have a "visit the school" tab.
Sometimes schools don't set up regular tours and they are happy to show you around as an individual (don't expect this from one of the highly sought after programs). If you want to visit one of these "under the radar schools", call the parent coordinator or the secretary and ask if they are setting any up.

Watch this video from the awesome Inside School before you tour.

The DoE is also listing open houses on their website (scroll down the page)

District 13

PS 8 Tours lower school 3/5 @ 9:00 am no RSVP required
PS 8 discontinues their Pre-K program.

PS 9 Tours 3/14, 4/11 @ 9am register online

PS 11 Tours 3/13 @ 9am Register online (scroll down their home page and click on a date)

PS 20 3/5 @ 9am

PS 46 in Ft. Greene, has a NEW MAGNET GRANT (Communications and Media Arts through Applied Training)!
They also have a Dual Language Spanish program for PreK-5th grade. Open house for the Dual Language program will be on 3/26 @ 9am. For more information contact Ms. Lopez or Mr. Johnson at 718-834-7694, or by e-mail at

PS 133 Tours 3/6, 3/13, 4/3, 4/9 @ 9am. Registration is required. Register here.

PS 282 Tours 3/12, 3/26, 4/9, 4/23 (@9am). Meet in the lobby @ 8:45. Registration is recommended. Register here.

PS 307 Magnet School for STEM Studies Tours with information about their recently acquired Magnet Grant. they have online learning, foreign lang. MANDARIN!, Social/Emotional learning and much more 3/4 @ 9am, 3/8 @ 11am, 3/19 @ 6pm, 3/25 @ 9am.
for questions call Servena Narine 718-834-4748

Achievement First Endeavor Charter Tours 3/4 @ 8am

Community Partnership Charter School Tours 3/8 @ 10am, 3/20 @ 9am. No registration necessary.

Community Roots Charter School Tours 3/13, 3/18, 3/27 @ 8:45am register online

District 14

PS 31 Tours 3/20, 4/24 @ 9am. No RSVP necessary.

PS 34 Tours 3/12, 4/9, 5/17 @ 9am. No RSVP necessary

PS 84 PreK focused tours: 3/19, 3/28 @ 9am. RSVP to (718) 384-8063.

PS 110 Tours 3/3, 4/7 @ 9:15am

Beginning With Children Charter School Open Houses 3/5 @9:30am, 3/7 @5:30pm, 3/16 @10am. For a tour or application visit, or call 718 388-8847 Ext. 260.

The Ethical Community Charter School Tours 3/12 @ 9am & 4:30pm, 4/9 @ 4:30pm

District 15

PS 10 Tours 3/14, 4/10, 5/6 @ 9am. Sign up

PS 15 open houses generally offered every Thurs. morning. RSVP to Parent Coordinator, Judith Reis 347-563-5380

PS 32 Tours PreK- 3/5 @ 8:30am RSVP is required.

PS 130 Pre-K Tours 3/20. Register here.

PS 146, Brooklyn New School Open House 3/18 (prek) @ 9am. No registration required.

PS 261 Open House 3/25, 5/7, 5/20 @ 9am. No need to register

PS 295 Tours 3/4 @ 9 am. No need to register

PS 372 The Children's School Contact Parent Coordinator Yvette Agas-Bautz for tour information at 718-624-5271, ext. 1111.

Hellenic Classical Charter School Open House 3/8 @ 10am

District 17

PS 705 Tours 3/7, 4/11 @ 9am. RSVP to

PS 770 - The New American Academy Tours 3/6 @ 10am, 3/13 @ 5:30pm, 3/17 @ 10am, 3/25 @ 5:30pm, 3/26@ 10am, 4/8 @ 10am, 4/10 @ 5:30pm. Contact with any questions.

Middle & High School

I am giving my HS Choice: Calm and Clear talk about public high school choice on Thurs. 3/13 at Hootenanny Art House in the south slope
Tickets are $30 and going fast.

HS Directory Cover Competition

Round 2 Public HS Admissions

All 8th grade and first time 9th grade students can participate in Round 2 of High School Admissions, including students who received an offer in Round 1. For students who are not satisfied with their Round 1 offer and choose to participate in Round 2, please note:
-- If you do not receive an offer in Round 2, you will keep your Round 1 offer.
-- If you receive an offer in Round 2, you will forfeit your Round 1 offer. You will not be able to choose between the two offers. We will not consider an appeal back to your Round 1 offer.
For more information on Round 2

Check out these new and growing public & private programs

Basis Independent Brooklyn is a K-12th grade program. They are interested in talking to parents of middle and high school students. They will have all grades through 10th grade starting this fall. Contact them for information about admissions.

Blue School is growing to Middle School beginning in the fall of 2015 with 6th grade. Contact Dawn Williams for more information.

Brooklyn Heights Montessori School
while I am at it, take a look at what they are doing at Middle School.

Brooklyn Lab Charter School in downtown Brooklyn. This is a new college prep charter school opening in fall of 2014 for 6th grade

Brooklyn Prospect Charter School intends to grow their downtown campus to a K-8 school.

Fusion Academy & Learning Center Information Session for the new private 6-12 grades opening April 2014.

Greene Hill School is growing to Middle School next year. They will continue to take applications that come in. For more information, contact Laurie Baum

Tutoring for PS, MS, HS Choice (or college)

to find the tutor you want, Teachigo

Advantage Essay Coach works with both private-school and public school students, 11th-graders and 12th-graders to write college admission essays. Contact Nikki Weinstein at

Arc Learning Group They offer personalized tutoring and test prep to help K-12 students. Contact Sam Aurora at or 347.610.4184 for information.

Bee Tutored check them out for ELA/Math prep.

Brooklyn Essay Coach works with students to write college admissions essays. For information contact Shea Dean at 718.812.8940

Club Z! In home tutoring of Brooklyn works with students in all subjects, pre-k through adults, SAT & ACT. They use screened and background checked tutors. Contact Denise Harding, the director at 917-873-1461 and find more information at

Praxis Tutors, helping high achieving students reach their goals

Themba Tutors are traveling NYC learning specialists working with students of all ages. Offering one-on-one strategy based learning support, test prep., e.g. SAT, ACT, ISEE, SSAT, etc., and offering college coaching by a guidance counselor. For more information contact them at (917) 382-8641 or

For Parents and Students of All Ages

American Promise documentary about two African American children and their experience at Dalton and beyond in NYC

Literacy and Handwriting Course for 4 -6 year olds at Abundant Learning.

ConstructionKids has begun summer day camp registration. They give children 4 to 12 a safe, fun introduction to the use of real hand tools through projects that use real construction materials. From small scale projects made of wood to large group projects, children learn by doing. We now have locations at Building 92 in the Brooklyn Navy Yard, Industry City in Sunset Park, and New York University in Manhattan. Go to for more information.

Websites and articles

Read The Electic Dad:

2014 Oscar Prediction: Best Animated Feature
Top 5 Old Musicals for Kids Top 5 Old Musicals for Kids
Oscar Winning Movies for Kids Oscar Winning Movies for Kids

Inside Schools has created InsideStats for more information regarding elementary schools.

Investigating Choice Time posts:

Alfie Kohn's wise words.
Beautiful Serendipity

Everyone Reading Annual Conference is being held on March 18 & 19th. More information is here


Brooklyn Preschool Map

This two sided, folded map lists over 200 preschools in northwest Brooklyn; twos, threes and fours/Prek programs in private and independent schools and community based organizations. You can also find this map for sale on my website and I will be offering it for sale at the Intro to Nursery School talks and as part of the package that I offer to private clients who meet with me for an hour or more.

Get the Preschool Map here for $10, plus shipping and handling

Brooklyn Elementary Zone Map

This two sided, folded map covers full districts 13, 14, 15 (new zone lines), 17 and the northern part of district 22. It shows locations, phone numbers, zone and district boundaries for local zoned elementaries, charter and unzoned programs.

I am only offering this map for sale through this newsletter, at the Intro to Public School talks and as part of the package I provide to private clients who meet me for an hour or more.

Get the Elementary Zone Map here for $10, plus shipping and handling

Get Both Maps

Buy both maps here for $15, plus shipping and handling.
I will only be offering both maps for sale through this newsletter, my talks and as part of the package that I provide to private clients who meet with me for an hour or more.

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