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If you are considering a consult of some kind:

  • Fill out the contact form so that I know who you are, how to contact you, how old your child is and where you live - and so I won't lose you in the many, many ongoing conversations that I am having with families.

  • I will get the form by email and I would love to know more. In an effort to reduce phone tag and get back to you as soon as possible and figure out how long we might be meeting, please email with more information:
    are you considering a move?
    are you thinking of public AND/OR private programs
    are you considering Catholic or Jewish programs
    if you just have one question, what is it - I may be able to answer it very quickly

Then, if you want to move further, we can arrange a time to meet (weekdays, between 9am and 6:30pm in your home, office or a quiet cafe).

I also reserve Mon. mornings and Thurs. afternoons to respond to emails, take phone consults and get business done. You can try to reach me by phone 718-781-1928 at those times. But it is always better to try me by email.

I will never share this information.

email or call me for whatever reason

A word of warning: I am out of the office a lot, and I may not be able to respond to your message as fast as I would like to. I respond to emails much faster than I do to phone messages.

email me:

call me: (718) 781.1928

thank you so much for your interest, and I am truly looking forward to talking with you!


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