This is a talk for the parents of babies and toddlers (or people who are thinking of becoming parents) and want to know the score long term public and/or private, with an emphasis on preschool information. If you want to know about public prek and kindergarten (and long term public) you want
this talk.

Brooklyn schooling is confusing. There are lots of rumors flying around the playground and they all sound crazy. Do we really need to sign up for preschool in utero? Is it impossible to get into our zoned elementary school? Do we have to leave the city for middle school? Stop listening to those people. They are not helping.

This talk explains what happens and when and gives you a general overview of school culture in Brooklyn.

  • General timelines
  • What the terms mean
  • Preschool? Prek? Private? Public?
  • Common practice
  • What is important to worry about and what isn't
  • When the decisions have to be made and when you can keep your options open
  • You will come away with a big picture understanding of how it all fits together.

Brooklyn is an amazing place to raise children. It isn't always easy but in my mind it is totally worth it. I want to give you the low down on how to make it work. Knowledge is power.

$25. when you buy your ticket online (click the link at right). If you have trouble buying a ticket or waited until the last minute you need to email to make sure that there are chairs available. Many of these venues have limited seating and I usually don't have a lot of no shows.

Several different talks may be listed, so make sure that you find the one you want.

venues - so you can find your way there

I don't always hold all talks at all venues each time I give them, but I like you to know who I am partnering with.

Brooklyn Conservatory of Music
58 7th Ave. @ Lincoln Pl. (North Slope)
near B/Q/2/3

The Old Stone House
336 3rd St. in JJ Byrne Park

Hootenanny Art House
426 15th St. at 8th Ave. (South Slope)
near F/G




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