For families from Brooklyn, Manhattan, Paris, or Sydney who are searching for a good Brooklyn public school zone:

Brooklyn Moving

Families contact me at all times of year to discuss their move with schools in mind.

We meet, phone or skype for two hours - $480
We will talk about the different array of public elementary options available within a variety of districts, the zoned schools, g&t, charter, un-zoned, dual language and middle schools that you would have primary access to. We will discuss what the big trends are and what is likely to be coming down the pike in the next couple of years. I will give you resources for preschool if you need them. If you have a baby, the move needs to come first (and public elementary should be the focus), since there are so many quality preschool options and your early childhood needs to be convenient. You are moving for public elementary (not preschool or Independent School).

For families who need help locating to a good public school zone and a nursery program and/or middle school and/or high school:

The Multi School Move

starting at $480 (minimum of two hours) and ongoing hourly at $240.

“The day we spent with Joyce was invaluable. Joyce listened to us and understood exactly where we were coming from. She then put together a programme that was tailored to our concerns and our specific situation. Her flexible approach, experience and preparedness to do that ‘bit extra’ - was brilliant. This is our third different relocation and we can definitely say that the help we received from Joyce was the best relocation assistance we have received in either Europe or the US. We are very excited now about moving to Brooklyn!"

                                 -- Parents of 8 and 10 year olds relocating from Europe


Make Informed Choices ...

Thinking of moving to Brooklyn?
Weighing the choice between public or private school?
Wondering about your zoned school and other options?
Navigating NYC public school after years in private school?
Confused and stressed about your middle school choices?
Daunted by the NYC high school directory?
Just feel like you don't have enough information to decide?

Lets talk.