I only do these talks in the spring and summer. I DO NOT do them in the fall. Don’t procrastinate.

Navigating Middle School Choice

The middle school application process is famously horrible. It is your first real step into choice at a time when you are also beginning to worry about sex, drugs and rock & roll. I am here to talk you down, untangle the spaghetti of options (district, borough-wide, city-wide, school based applications, audition programs and charters). I will also explain how these years are a different kind of place than elementary. There is a reason that they stopped calling it "Junior High School".

This talk is about general admissions procedures and timelines and how to think about making your choices as well as some sage parenting advice about handling the changes. I won't be talking about specific schools and so it will apply, no matter what district you live in.

Tickets are $30 per person.

"...most recently went to see your talk at Hootenanny the other week on Middle Schools. I was so impressed - I laughed, I cried :) - I left feeling not only informed but mentored and coached from one parent to another - I truly appreciate the work you do, the energy you do it with and the humor you bring to the table to keep us all sane." - 3rd grade mom


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