Financial Times
"Costly Child Care Hurts Growth"
by Christopher Booker, Seb Morton-Clark & Ben Marino

The New Yorker
"Making Money: Schooling Brooklyn Parents"
by Kelly Bare

The New York Times

"The Get Into School Card"
by Michelle Higgins

Here Come the Public-School Consultants
by Alissa Quart

The Wall Street Journal

WNYC / The New York Times collaboration
For Public School Parents, A Hired Hand To Hold

NBC Education Nation
Finding the Right NYC School

The New York Times: The Local
"At the FGA: Homes, Schools and a Mysterious Guest"
by Roisin Wisneski

New York Family/Brooklyn Magazine


"Bell the Tolls"
by Karen Connell

"School Smarts" Feature article about NYC School Help,
September 2008

Time Out New York Kids
"Neighborhood Report: Park Slope", October 2008

 The New York Post
"Best High Schools" August 23, 2009

Reporter's Roundtable on Education
with Toni Williams

BCAT October 6, 2008

The Park Slope 100 2009