Pamela Wheaton, Director, Inside
"Joyce is the 'go to' expert on public and private schools for Brooklyn parents."

Middle School Tour Buddies Consult
"You are like a great big Valium!"

-- Parents of a 2nd and 3rd grader who want to prepare for the future

Kindergarten Connect
...our journey has been exhilarating and nerve-wracking, but the outcome is better than we ever dared to dream. We are so grateful for your support , knowledge and wisdom. We tell everybody who will listen to hire you. You are like a lifesaver…literally. You're the round buoy-thing that gets thrown to people who are drowning! Thank you!!

-- Parents looking for an out of zone placement

Preschool Consult
"I had heard the horror stories and was very overwhelmed by the whole preschool thing.  We simply were not able to spend hours researching schools and what to ask them.  Joyce made it simple and clear for us with an understanding of the schools and a practical down to earth approach.  She made it feel like a positive experience vs. a dreaded competitive experience. Also, my husband is cynical about hiring consultants and he thought it was awesome."

-- Sarah, mother of a two year old

Public PreK Lottery Phone Consult
You asked me to keep you informed of how our Pre-K application process went, and I'm VERY happy to tell you that our daughter will be starting at PS _ in September. I have to thank you for putting this school on my radar, since I don't think I would have thought of it as a viable District school...  I am delighted to have found such a tight-knit, small, community-oriented public school.

-- Mom of a first child who found a seat in the 1st Round Prek Lottery

Joyce Szuflita is the cat's pajamas. She will help you navigate the New York City school system with clarity and logic. Try as you might to find out all you can, there is still so much to be learned and Joyce seems to know every detail. She will show you the light and make you feel down right excited about sending your child to school in NYC.

--Jessica, Brooklyn mother of two

Public or Private Elementary?
I also wanted to thank you for your kindness, insight, knowledge and professionalism. I am so impressed by how much you know, how accessible you are, and how smart you are about this whole process. I would encourage any New York family to hire you—I am so glad that I did!

-- Mother of a three year old

Moving to Elementary School in Brooklyn from DC
I can't tell you how helpful the consultation with you was. (My husband) and I both feel that it was the best thing we've done in terms of making the move so far. We'd have been lost without your help. I have referred to the information in your packet and my notes over and over again.

-- Mother of 4 year old twins

Public Middle School Search
Thanks again for your help with all this stuff. The plan we worked out together last year worked perfectly, and the conversations we had then helped keep us sane throughout the process. There were nervous moments along the way, but we'd just say, "Joyce said we'd be fine with this plan, and she knows what she's talking about."

-- parents of a 5th grader

Moving with Public Elementary and Nursery School in Mind
"Joyce was absolutely fantastic. She walked me through the maze of all school options in a clear, understandable and even fun way. She is an absolute gem."

-- Lucy, mom of a 15 month old


Looking For Other Kindergarten Options
"Thanks again for all your help. The process was enormously overwhelming, and I am so happy I had you to guide me and focus me at the beginning of the whole process! It really helped me get educated in a confusing system!"

-- Mom of a 4 year old looking for schools outside of her zone

Interview Help
" I want to thank you for working with (my son) today. The service that you offer is invaluable. I am so thrilled with how substantive and practical your advice is. I am always looking for ways to support (my son) but so often I end up throwing money at a problem and feeling as if we haven't really accomplished anything. This was the complete opposite. It was so concrete, positive and helpful. Obviously, (my son) is not a smooth talker so being prepared is critical in his case.

-- mom of a 5th grader 

Middle School/High School Consult
"Joyce is an amazing resource. She has a broad understanding of all school issues, is armed with all the current facts, and understands the inner workings of the Dept. of Ed.  Her knowledge of the middle and high school choice process in NYC likely saved us two months of research time.  Joyce took a complex and often confusing process, and helped us make decisions that were right for us.  We feel lucky to have found her!"

-- Darlene, teacher and mother doing the middle school search
and high school search

Trying to decide "To G&T or not to G&T"
"I just want to thank Joyce for this summary (a PSP post) and to also recommend her services.  We consulted with her last year when we were in the midst of the "To G&T or Not to G&T" dilemma, and thanks to her words of wisdom, made a choice that we are VERY happy with...  Joyce helped us to make the right choices for our family -- as she mentions, she is not pro or con, but is really great at helping you to think through what either choice may mean for your particular child and your family.  She is so knowledgeable about all the options and possibilities, which was a lifesaver for us, since we were new to the area and had never gone through this process before."

-- a mom trying to make
decisions about G&T

Moving to Brooklyn with twins
I am sure you hear this all too often -- but we are truly grateful to you and are awed by the depth of your knowledge, your suggestions and your insights.  And you make learning this all fun and light hearted too.
All your amazing thoughts on twin-parenting are an amazing bonus.

-- moving to Brooklyn with twin toddlers

"We are relocating to Brooklyn and Joyce has been invaluable help. She is encouraging and positive and saved us so much time, effort and anxiety.  We were able to spend our limited time actually seeing schools and talking to many administrators that she recommended instead of trying to piece together information.  She is very thorough and gave us great advice"     

-- David, father to an elementary and high school student