Brooklyn Middle School Choice Consult

I often meet with families late summer through Halloween (although if you want to get the information earlier, it is no problem). I do not take new 5th grade clients after Halloween. Public middle school applications are usually due in early Dec.

For families in Brooklyn District 13, District 14, District 15 and District 17
as well as all of the borough-wide and city-wide school based application schools.

Individual Families

2 hours - $480
We discuss the full range of district wide public options, borough wide and city wide public options as well as and overview of Independent Schools. 

2.5 hours- $600
if you want the full range of public and go in depth about Independent as well.

Tour Buddies

Two families whose children attend the same elementary school, live in the same district and have similar profiles and needs, meet together in one consult. This works at middle school because there are fewer schools to consider.

2 hours - $720 ($360 each)

If you need just a bit of help:

hourly $240

Just one question:

15 minutes for $60


Make Informed Choices ...

Thinking of moving to Brooklyn?
Weighing the choice between public or private school?
Wondering about your zoned school and other options?
Navigating NYC public school after years in private school?
Confused and stressed about your middle school choices?
Daunted by the NYC high school directory?
Just feel like you don't have enough information to decide?

Lets talk.