renzulli and school wide enrichment

Okay, a lot of schools are using Renzulli techniques and resources to help with their progressive approach to the classroom. Schools talk about "school wide enrichment" but it just sounds like a bunch of fun electives. What does it mean?

Here is a very clear and short (and funny) video to explain what a teacher is trying to do in a progressive classroom to serve the needs of different learners and get them engaged.

So what is "school wide enrichment" doing?

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I realized a year or two ago that I haven't the faintest idea what my children's (almost adult) handwriting looks like. I can tell the difference at a quick glance between my parent's similar hands (frankly I could since I was little and scrutinizing Santa's package tags for clues to his origin). I can forge my husband's curlie q's (although I never would!). I remember being very proud when my Japanese Art History Professor (who taught calligraphy) complimented me on my handwriting.

My kids are super fast typists! The problem is that their handwriting is not practiced or fast and when it comes down to SAT and AP tests, they have to hand write quite a bit and it has to legible.

Is penmanship a dying art? Check out this interesting article in the NY Times, The Case for Cursive.

Many schools use "Handwriting Without Tears" to help early writers.

Does anyone know any other good handwriting resources?