rising 8th graders: what about high school?

rising 8th graders: what about high school?

You know that the high school search is going to be taking up most of your fall. What should you do right now to prepare?

Come to my High School Choice: Calm and Clear talk on July 9 at 7pm at Hootenanny Art House. There are tickets still available and if you wait until the fall when I hold the last one (I will be scheduling shortly) you may be a little behind the 8 ball.

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2014 High School Letter Day

Letter Day is fast approaching ("oh no!" and "thank God!")

High School Letter Day is scheduled for Mon. 3/10 on the DoE's calendar which is a little weird because they don't usually do placement announcements on a Mon. I have heard an unconfirmed rumor that it may actually be moved to Fri. 2/28 (don't tell your kids, just clear your schedule that afternoon, just in case). We probably won't know for sure until very shortly before the date.
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2011 Stuyvesant Sing!

Seniors Win!

It was not a fait accompli. The first performance was an unmitigated disaster by all accounts but they tightened the timing and changed the ending and by the last night it was a rollicking good time!

At Stuyvesant there are 3 Sing! contenders, Frosh/Soph, Juniors and Seniors. The Frosh/Soph theme of "searching for a theme" may have proven to be too "meta", and the snappy little quest script was high jacked by a sub plot about the evil Juniors stealing their "Fairy Tale" premise and making it Junior Nursery Rhymes. Considering that they are just dipping their toes into this amazing tradition, they did admirably well.

The Junior's Nursery Rhyme show was full of clever scenery. Jack and Jill's house with the fall away front was very original. The singing was strong and the characters were clever (although I didn't figure out that the narrarator with the puffy pants sitting on the piece of "Alice in Wonderland Wall" was Humpty Dumpty). My bad. In the end, the pacing was just too slow and I never really got down to enjoying the ride.

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letter day 2011

Public school students who have taken the Specialized HS test (SHSAT) or auditioned for LaGuardia will receive announcements about their placements today, Friday 2/11. Occasionally there are short delays of the delivery of letters to the private schools. The students will receive a letter at the end of the day at school in person. If they are offered a seat at one of the Specialized HS or LaGuardia they should also receive an offer from their 1 in 12 application, although on rare occasions they may find the 1 in 12 app school missing.

The Specialized HS will schedule open houses (lickety split next week, because the week after is the President's Week break). You should make a copy of the letter with your decision checked off before you give it back to your guidance counselor to submit on or before Feb. 28.

If your child is not offered a seat at this time, the main round results will be out on March 31.
DOE calendar http://schools.nyc.gov/ChoicesEnroll...ar/default.htm

This is also the weekend of the New HS Fair. The Fair will be on Sat. 12 and Sun. 13 10am to 1pm at the Martin Luther King Jr. Educational Campus 122 Amsterdam Ave. 10023. Students who want to add a school or two, or private school students who have found that they will not be attending their current school next fall should go to the fair, get an application and make sure and submit the application by Feb. 28. The New School Directory is available online:

Good luck to one and all.


ch-ch-ch-chaaanges for prospective high school students

February 22 is the new date for the Brooklyn Tech, Brooklyn Latin, SI Tech and Stuyvesant Open Houses.

Students who were accepted to LaGuardia Arts are invited to attend an Open House. Due to severe weather conditions, the Open House has been rescheduled from Thursday, February 11, 2010, to Tuesday, February 23, from 5:00 PM - 8:00 PM. Students and families will be able to visit our different studios and academic classrooms on a self-guided tour. No matter what time you arrive, you will have opportunity to attend a variety of Demonstrations or Question & Answer sessions. Please bring the Open House Guide with you. Go to the La Guardia website to download the guide

Students must declare their intent to their current school's guidance counselor by Thursday, February 25, 2010. Please note the date change.

Letter Day 2010

This Thursday, Feb. 4 is letter day. The day that 8th grade students who took the SHSAT will receive word on their placement. If they did get a seat in one of the specialized high schools they will also get word about their placement in their "1 in 12" school. Envelopes will be distributed in the public schools. Families will have about two weeks to make their decisions. There are usually specialized high school tours set up early the following week to enable students to take a look and help them decide.  Private school families may have to wait a day or two depending on the efficiency of the distribution.
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