public prek info is online NOW, yippee

You can apply online for public prek here from March 4 - April 5.
You can download a copy of the new 2013-2014 prek directory here.

You can attend a free DoE PreK information session in Brooklyn on March 11 6pm at Sunset Park HS.
For more info and the prek calendar here.

In my quick perusal of the procedures, it looks like everything is the same as last year. You should contact each individual school for tours and for information about how the school will handle a wait list (if they have seats left over) in June. The one difference is that if you attend prek at a school that is outside your zone, you have a slight preference over regular outside of zone families to attend that school at kindergarten.

A very quick and inaccurate survey of new programs from the directory this morning:
PS 10, 107 and 321 in District 15 no longer have prek classes.

Some of the schools below (and in the directory) may have more seats than listed. They were added after the directory went to press.

In District 13 AND 15:
PS 133 has additional seats
the new PS 118 has seats

In District 14:
PS 84, PS 110, 196 and 250 all have more seats than last year.

In District 17:
PS 705 and New American Academy have seats.

where to find information about public pre kindergarten?

First, applications and directories will be available on the DOE's website and as hard copies at any elementary school that has a pre kindergarten class beginning on March 5th. Click here if you are looking for last year's Second Round Directory (that the DOE has removed from their website).

April 5 is the deadline to submit and application.

The DOE will be holding Admissions Information Sessions in each borough. There will be one on March 12 at 6pm at Sunset Park High School.

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2012 public prekindergarten application dates

Round 1 Public Prekindergarten deadlines are now up on the DOE's website.

March 5, 2012 the application period begins. That means that the directories will be available online and at your local school (if they have a prek class). You can begin the registration process online.

April 6, 2012 is the deadline to submit the application. I recommend that you do it online; it is harder to make a mistake and you get confirmation by email.

Week of June 11, 2012. Offer letters sent to families. This is a week later than in previous years. Most of the families who will be notified have siblings in the school or are zoned families whose schools have 3 or 4 prek classes.

June 12 - June 22, 2012. Pre-registration at schools. You need to do this in person and if you are offered a seat and you don't register at this time you lose the seat.

You might notice that there is no mention of the second round here. That is because they don't want to confuse the matter, but if you are the parent of a first or only children it is most likely that you will get a seat in the second round that happens in the LATE summer. Assume that you will hear about that placement in late August. But you are saying, "What do I do about my private preschool deposit?!" That, and the fact that you are not in any way guaranteed a public prek seat and you will be notified so late is the heartache of this process.

I recommend that you download the second round directory now, before they take it off the website, so that you can look at the previous year's numbers when the time comes.

For information on this process and the public kindergarten registration process (which is different and much easier) come to my Intro to Public School: Prek and Kindergarten talks.
For tickets: Mon. Jan. 9 at Madison Rose in Boerum Hill at 7pm
Tues. Jan. 10 at Hootenanny Art House in the South Slope at 7pm

You can apply to up to 12 schools on your application. You should be touring the schools when they get back from the holidays. Check the school's website, call the office or Parent Coordinator to find out when their tours are (usually one day a month at around 9am). The seats are limited and placement is made by Central DOE, not the schools! (lobbying does NOT help so don't waste your time). Placement is made by lottery, but it has priorities; first siblings are placed, then in-zone families, then out of zone/within the district, then out of district within the borough.