Find Your Favorite HS On This List

If you think that you are mad about the Pre-K situation, wait until you see a 5 or 6% cut in your Middle or High School budget. Check out this list of exceptional schools that will be taking exceptional hits, loosing teachers and classes. Sure, it is just the AP classes and electives that may be cut. Tell that to your child who is studying all weekend to take the SAT II to try and have some hope of competing with students from the suburbs for a spot in college. Come to the Rally to Speak Out Against the $450 Million in NYC Education Cuts
Stuyvesant HS
345 Chambers St.
Monday, June 2, 4pm

This list comes from the most excellent Betty Zohar, UFT Parent and Community Liaison.

Largest Cuts in School Budgets

Manhattan Professional Performing Arts High School -6.09%
Queens Queens High School For the Sciences -5.96%
Manhattan 47 The American Sign Language School -5.92%
Brooklyn Urban Assembly Academy of Arts -5.89%
Queens York Early College Academy -5.88%
Brooklyn Lyons Community School -5.75%
Bronx Bronx Community High School -5.65%
Bronx English Language Learners and International Support Preparatory Academy -5.60%
Brooklyn The Brooklyn Latin School -5.58%
Queens Academy for Excellence Through the Arts -5.57%
Manhattan Academy for Social Action -5.56%
Bronx High School of American Studies -5.56%
Bronx Pan American International High School at Monroe -5.52%
Bronx Academy for Language And Technology -5.51%
Brooklyn Arts and Media Preparatory Academy -5.50%
Manhattan Eleanor Roosevelt High School -5.49%
Queens Pan American International High School I -5.48%
Manhattan N.Y.C. Lab School for Collaborative Studies -5.47%
Queens Baccalaureate School for Global Education -5.46%
Queens Queens Collegiate: A College Board School -5.44%
Manhattan NYCiSchool -5.42%
Staten Island P.S. 005 Huguenot -5.39%
Queens Academy for Careers in Television and Film -5.39%
Brooklyn Frederick Douglass Academy VII -5.38%
Brooklyn Life Academy High School for Film and Music -5.37%
Brooklyn Multicultural High School -5.35%
Manhattan Urban Assembly School for the Performing Arts -5.35%
Bronx Bronx High School of Science -5.34%
Manhattan Stuyvesant High School -5.32%
Staten Island Staten Island Technical High School -5.31%
Brooklyn Brighter Choice Community School -5.30%
Staten Island Gaynor McCown Expeditionary Learning School -5.30%
Staten Island Academy of Innovative Learning -5.29%
Queens The Active Learning Elementary School -5.27%
Queens Learners and Leaders -5.27%
Queens Knowledge and Power Preparatory -5.26%
Manhattan M.S. 255 Salk School of Science -5.25%
Brooklyn Urban Assembly Institute of Math and Science for Young Women -5.24%
Queens The Queens School of Inquiry -5.24%
Queens Civic Leadership Academy -5.23%
Queens Queens High School for Information, Research and Technology -5.23%
Queens Robert H. Goddard High School of Communication Arts and Technology -5.23%
Brooklyn Academy of Innovative Technology -5.23%
Brooklyn Frances Perkins Academy -5.23%
Manhattan Mott Hall II -5.23%
Manhattan N.Y.C. Museum School -5.22%
Brooklyn Brooklyn High School for Leadership and Community Service -5.22%
Brooklyn Olympus Academy -5.22%
Brooklyn Victory Collegiate High School -5.20%
Manhattan Gramercy Arts High School -5.20%
Bronx Knowledge and Power Preparatory -5.20%
Staten Island College of Staten Island High School for International Studies -5.14%
Queens J.H.S. 067 Louis Pasteur -5.14%
Queens North Queens Community High School -5.14%
Brooklyn Brooklyn Theatre Arts High School -5.13%
Brooklyn Brooklyn Bridge Academy -5.12%
Brooklyn High School for Innovation in Advertising And Media -5.12%
Bronx Bronx Haven High School -5.10%
Queens New York City Academy for Discovery -5.10%
Manhattan M.S. 260 Clinton School Writers and Artists -5.09%
Brooklyn It Takes a Village Academy -5.09%
Brooklyn Expeditionary Learning School -5.08%
Brooklyn Brooklyn Brownstone School -5.08%
Brooklyn Cultural Academy for the Arts and Sciences -5.07%
Brooklyn High School for Medical Professions -5.07%
Brooklyn Academy for Conservation and the Environment -5.07%
Brooklyn Brooklyn Lab School -5.07%
Brooklyn Urban Action Academy -5.07%
Queens Queens Preparatory Academy -5.06%
Brooklyn Brooklyn Generation School -5.05%
Bronx School for Environmental Citizenship -5.05%
Queens Bard High School Early College II -5.05%
Brooklyn Gotham Professional Arts Academy -5.02%
Brooklyn Brooklyn Community High School -5.00%