Middle School Interviews

The middle school interview season is here. Why interview? The schools want to get an idea of what the child is like, more than just a number and a name. It is hard for many parents to imagine their 10 or 11 year old managing to speak coherently to a strange adult. We all know that when things get "awkward" for a tween (my kids' favorite word for any situation that is the least bit cringy) they either get silly or silent. Parents need to know that these lovely teachers and parents who are conducting the interviews have seen HUNDREDS of 11 year olds. After a while the silly and the silent is so normal that they can surely see through it.

This is what you should tell your child:

  • The interviewers are really interested in learning about you. So tell them about what you love in a way that will make them see a picture in their heads. Remember the "because" in your answer.
  • Tell them about why you are interested in their school.There are no wrong answers.
  • If you are in a group you have to be considerate of the other kids when they are talking and find a way to politely add what you want to say. If you are silent they will not learn enough about you. If you are silly they may misjudge what a good student you will be.

If you think that your child could use some help getting used to talking to a stranger, I can help them with relaxation, presentation and converstation.