Frank McCourt HS, Murray Hill Academy and others at the New School Fair

There were some brand new and nearly new programs at the New HS Fair this weekend. Many of these schools are having open houses or informational meetings. Contact the schools for more information.

The Frank McCourt High School is a screened program that will be open to all NYC students. They will be located on the Brandeis HS Campus, W. 84th St. in Manhattan. They will review students' transcripts, test scores and attendance, but they will rely heavily on the interview. They are focusing on communication, collaboration and community service. email: 718-935-4095.

The Global Learning Collabortive is also in the Brandeis Campus on W.84th St. It was a new school fall of 2009. They have a partnership with the Asia Society. For a small school they are offering a wide variety of languages; Chinese, French, Italian, German, Japanese and Spanish. There are also opportunities for overseas travel.

The transfer schools are primarily for older students but there is  a new option for 9th graders who are not finding their way in their current school. Murray Hill Academy (111 E. 33rd St. in Manhattan) is accepting 8th graders and 9th graders who have less than 7 credits and are less than 16 years old. Contact: Anita Manninen-Felix 718-935-4089.

Frances Perkins Academy in Brooklyn is an interesting option. The students work several days a week in professional internships. They are focused on college prep and real world personalized experiences. 718-388-7721. They are moving this year and will be located at the Bushwick High School Campus.

Sunset Park High School opened fall of 2009 in their beautiful 4th Ave. facility. They are having an open house on Monday, Feb. 8, 6-8pm. 718 840-1900.

The Urban Assembly School for Criminal Justice is a very interesting all girls 6-12 program that is accepting their first class of 9th graders. This schools is aiming high for their girls. Check out their open house: Tuesday, Feb. 23, 5-7pm room 427. Contact: Ms. Cazeau 718 438-3895 x463

It is a bit of a haul from Brooklyn, but if you are close to the 6 train, The Cinema School in the Bronx is a compelling program. For more information: Dr. Maryann Dickar 718-620-2560.