high school research on insideschools.org

If you don't know www.insideschools.org and adore them (perhaps you are an independent school parent who is just dipping your toe into the icey waters of public high school) they will soon become your new best friend - after me of course.

Some helpful hints to get the information that you need.

  • sign up for their email alert newsletters - you will never miss a deadline
  • look up the school page within their site and click "more school data" on the upper level of the review and "read our full review" to get all the good stuff
  • the information on the upper panel of the review is current, even if the review might be a couple years older
  • if you have trouble finding the school by name, don't get frustrated typing the name a million different ways, immediately go to "location and level" and enter the zip and "high school" or do an advanced search and list the same, zip and level it works EVERY time!
  • they are also more than reviews; the blog, news articles and forums are all chocked full of great information
  • remember that they are a non profit and they need your help to keep doing the impressive work that they do, send them a little gift, they deserve it!