scoring changes for next year

The Board of Regents approve scoring changes to grade 3 to 8 Math and English tests. Essentially, they have decided the tests and scoring are too dumbed down. State scores have been going up while the scores on the NAEP National Assessment of Educational Progress have remained flat.

"Senior Deputy Commissioner John King said, 'The data shows that schools responded to the assignment they were given – they worked hard to help students achieve standards as measured by the state tests that were being given at that time. And more students did, in fact, pass those tests. The problem is that those exams didn’t sufficiently test students’ abilities – the bar was set too low. But we are changing that now. It’s time to end the annual debate about whether our tests have become easier and to put to rest questions about what it means to achieve proficiency in New York.'” - NYSED press release

School, district and state results will be released July 26. I assume that the students will get their results in August as predicted.

"Cut scores classify student proficiency into one of four performance levels based on their test performance; currently, the levels are defined as follows: Level 1, not meeting learning standards; Level 2, partially meeting learning standards; Level 3, meeting learning standards; and Level 4, meeting learning standards with distinction."