why millenium didn't take brooklyn kids last year

Lisa Bowstead of Big Fish Tutoring (tons of great services, check her out) wrote this clear and accurate explanation of what happened with Brooklyn kids applying to Millennium last year on PSP and allowed me to reprint it here. If you are sad that it seems to be an opportunity that is no longer open to Brooklyn kids because of the vagarities of the number of applicants, I would make your feelings known to the people below.

The priority for selection of students has never changed 
for Millennium HS: 
   1. Lower Manhattan
   2. Manhattan
   3. The rest of NYC

Historically, 30% of Millennium HS freshman class has been from Brooklyn. Given the school's close proximity to many Brooklyn neighborhoods, this was a natural occurrence.

In last year's freshman class, the percentage of Brooklyn residents in the entering class dropped significantly. The reason for this was a sudden increase in applicants from Manhattan who filled the spots before Brooklyn residents were even considered. 

Millennium HS has asked the DOE to remove the criteria which puts Manhattan ahead of all other boroughs. I have just confirmed with Millennium HS that the DOE has yet to grant/implement this change. 

This should be a simple data update... so what's the delay?
If you would like to expedite the removal of Manhattan as a priority over other boroughs for Millennium HS applicants,
please contact:
  • Millennium HS,
  • your middle school,
  • the DOE,
  • your local City Council person,
  • Millennium HS's City Council person,
  • and/or your other local representatives.  
"Be the big fish in your pond." 
mom to a rising 10th grader at Millennium HS 
and Brooklyn Resident