brooklyn heights montessori is opening an expanded campus

The lovely and progressive preschool through 8th grade program located on Court St. and Bergen in Cobble Hill has added a new Middle School suite and Firehouse Theater as well as more outdoor space. They have a new Learning Kitchen that will enhance their math and science curriculum. They have added 11,000 sq ft to the existing campus.

"Recent articles in Forbes, Harvard Business Review, and The Wall St Journal, have reported that a Montessori education is likely the best preparation we can give students for success in the 21st Century. Numerous high-profile entrepreneurs such as the founders of Google, Jeff Bezos founder of Amazon, and countless others have publicly cited their Montessori education as the key contributor to their success. The critical thinking and problem-solving skills developed through a Montessori education will only become more valuable in the new economic structure that future generations will face."

Open in 1965, BHMS students learn reading, writing, and mathematics skills focusing on the process of discovery versus merely retaining information. BHMS engages students in a challenging and meaningful curriculum that inspires independence, confidence, curiosity, leadership, and collaboration.