kindergarten connect numbers

We may have lots of numbers later (we hope), but this is what is out there so far from the DoE:

  • 47,725 students (71 percent) received an offer to their first choice
  • 8,601 students (12.8 percent) received an offer to one of their second or third choices
  • 3,670 students (5.5 percent) received an offer to a school not listed among their top three

"The remaining 7,238 (10.8 percent) applicants could not be offered one of the choices listed on their application. Of them, 5,850 (8.7 percent) students received offers to their zoned schools, while for 1,388 students (2.1 percent), either space was not available in their zoned school or they reside in a choice district, so they received an offer to another school. This occurred primarily because families placed only one school on their application and that school could not accommodate every student. However, those students remain on the waitlist for the schools where they applied. We anticipate that many families will get offers from schools where they are waitlisted"

All eligible children are guaranteed a placement offer for kindergarten. Now that initial offers have been sent, families who didn’t apply to kindergarten yet should visit schools of interest in person to apply. For more information families can call 718-935-2009 or go to:

Inside Schools has a report about these numbers and the 63 zoned schools that were capped and unable to take all in zone families.

DNA Info story with updates by Inside Schools

If you feel that there has been some irregularity with your placement, contact the office of enrollment to open a case for appeal and your school to let them know that you are out there and that you feel that something is awry.