in zone kindergarten wait lists

The unofficial word is that fewer zoned schools than last year have in-zone wait lists. Here is the WNYC story about the wait lists and the list of schools with wait lists.

It is not a surprise that PS 8 is affected. The very large number of in-zone wait listed families (officially 50) was not unexpected. What that means: families who made a strong list of programs, may have been sent to a school on their list (and I have heard from some of them, who knew what to expect and made a pragmatic plan). If your list wasn't long or you weren't lucky, and the DoE was not able to place you in a school from that list, they are putting you somewhere close, where there is room. It is not a surprise that you were placed at a school that was not on your list. They have to put you somewhere, and they will put your somewhere close where there is room.

This will affect everyone in district 13. Historically, PS 8 families didn't need to stray far from home. The g&t programs in the district are in the wrong direction for many people's commutes. The charter and un-zoned schools that are staples for families in other neighborhoods have not been well known in Brooklyn Heights as are the lovely neighborhood schools that are not quite reaching capacity. As PS 8 families opt for programs that they were not usually adopting, the wait lists will be longer for other families in D13. The thing is that as the PS 8 families are called back to their school as their wait list moves, so will the wait lists at the charter, un-zoned and neighborhood schools. Patience is a virtue.

No matter where you live, if you wanted to go to your zoned school and you were wait listed and sent elsewhere, pre-register at the school you were sent to (or at a charter that you prefer if you are given that placement). This will NOT disadvantage you for any wait list that you may be on. It is just saving you a seat. If you don't pre-register, you may not have a seat for k when the dust settles. That is on you. Wait list movement usually happens after May 6 when each school sees how many people actually show up to pre-register, and during the spring as the charter schools wait lists move, and after g&t placements are made (early june?).

I have heard from families in PS 58 and 39, which appear to be the only schools in D15 with wait lists. I have also heard the administration at PS 29 is putting the word out that they are worried about next year (as the Principal at PS 8 did last year). They don't do this lightly.

All I can tell you is to remain calm. People who panic, drown. This is a marathon not a sprint. Good luck.