2016 Rezoning in Ditmas Park (D22)

The first zoning change notice has arrived. We have no idea whether it will be the only one in northwest Brooklyn this season. The new building going up on Coney Island Ave. is getting its own zone and that means that the zones of the schools around it will be changing.

The building at 510 Coney Island Ave. will open in the 2017/18 school year and house an elementary school (PS 889 in District 22) and a middle school (MS 890 in District 22). Pending the rezoning process, the elementary school will open with a prek and kindergarten (this is normal for a new school). It will add a new grade each year until it reaches 5th grade. The middle school will have a district wide choice admission, begin with a 6th grade and also add a class each year until it reaches 6-8th grade in 2019/20. You can see the whole proposal here, including the proposed new zone lines on page 9. The rezoning would effect addresses currently zoned for PS 245, 139, 134, 217, 152 and 315. The rezoning would only impact new prek and kindergarten students entering in the 2017/18 school year.

The next meeting to discuss the proposal will be on
Thursday, October 6, at P.S 197
Kings Highway Academy, 1599 East 22nd Street, Brooklyn, NY 11210

District 22 families are invited to attend the 10/6 meeting, and call or
e-mail with comments:
Phone: (718) 968-6428
Email: JBove@schools.nyc.gov (Superintendent Bove)
Email: cec22@schools.nyc.gov
Email: BrooklynZoning@schools.nyc.gov
*(Put "D22 Zoning" in the subject line of e-mails)*