Why the D15 Diversity Plan should work

You guys know that I am generally very positive about this plan. I feel that it will accelerate the small momentum that has already started in a majority of the up and coming middle schools in the district and I don’t think that it will hurt the academic rigor at the popular programs. For the most part, it will improve their school cultures and your children’s middle school experience. I think that it will likely work because of the sheer volume of quality middle school programs in D15. I have been saying this in every forum I can find, but you don’t have to trust me…

The other day I decided to take a look at InsideSchools. Here is what I found:
There are 11 DoE programs that are covered by the Diversity Initiative
There are 5 Charter Schools that are not (but gather their students by lottery from the District anyway). 7 of the 11 DoE programs get a “Noteworthy”, “Staff Pick” and/or “Staff Pick for Special Education” from Inside Schools. An example of one school that doesn’t get a Staff Pick is 839 which is very new, but there is a thoughtful cluster of positive reviews from its first three years. You may not always agree with Inside Schools but they have seen everything and they know what they are talking about.

My call to action for every middle school parent in D15: send your comments, updates and experiences to InsideSchools so that your fellow parents in D15 can learn from your experience. Help us understand your school!!

MS 51 Staff Pick, Staff Pick for Special Ed

Park Slope Educational Complex 88 Staff Pick

IS 136 Charles Dewey

Carroll Gardens Innovation 442 (now in the South Slope) Staff Pick for Special Ed

New Voices 443 Staff Pick and Staff Pick for Special Ed

Math and Science Exploratory School 447 Staff Pick and Staff Pick for Special Ed

Brooklyn Collaborative Studies Staff Pick and Staff Pick for Special Ed

Park Slope Collegiate Noteworthy

Boerum Hill School for International Studies Noteworthy

Sunset Park Prep

MS 839

By the way, three of the five Charter Schools get a Noteworthy or Staff Pick as well.