high school parent coordinators

NY 1 reported that School's Chancellor, Joel Klein, will allow high "school principals to lay off parent coordinators and abolish the position as a way to combat the city's money woes." This policy only affects high school parent coordinators. The budget situation is extremely serious and it is seen as a way to give principals move room to adjust their budgets. "A spokesman says the Department of Education feels high school parents may have less of a need of the services provided by parent coordinators."

No one wants to see teachers laid off or budgets slashed, but on a purely personal level I know in my heart that my daughters success in two large public high schools was due in large part to the efforts of their parent coordinators. In a million ways, they have given our family crucial support and now that we are heavily into the college search, their efforts have greatly enhanced the talented but limited resources of the schools' college office. I just sent off two very heartfelt letters to the principals of my daughters' schools. It is the least that I can do in thanks for service above and beyond the call of duty.