middle school letters

Well, at least the waiting is over. I will say congratulations to those of you who are happy with your choices. For those of you that are interested in an appeal, you should talk to your guidance department right away. If your child got one of their top few choices an appeal will very likely be futile. The DOE will rightly argue that if your child placed the school high on the application and they gave it to your child that there is no reason to appeal. If your child got their fifth or sixth ranked choice or they were placed in a school that they didn't rank or they were given no choice at all, you should appeal. There will be some movement even in the most popular programs. Parents will opt for a "school based application school", a private or charter program and that will leave a few seats for a student making an appeal.

Now that you are not elementary school parents anymore, I recommend that you check out the blog parentsofnyteens.blogspot.com and join the fabulous yahoo group of the same name. This incredibly caring group of mostly Brooklyn parents (tell your "otherborough" friends because they are welcome too) is the support group we all need - answering questions about Axe deodorant, alcohol use, school reviews, coed sleepovers, places to buy prom dresses, tutors, testing and all things college.